WPC Art Walk
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For the first time ever, the WPC will have its own Art Walk, showcasing art by members of the Parkinson's community. We are thrilled to highlight these projects and invite all delegates to make time during the Congress to view the art, meet the artists, and in some cases, to contribute to the art project. 

The 4th World Parkinson Congress Presents Its First Art Walk in Portland - press release

WPC Art Walk will include:

This is Parkinson's 
by Anders M. Leines (Oslo, Norway)
Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/thisisparkinsons
Read more about the artist here.


”This is Parkinson's” is an initiative by Norwegian photographer and person with Parkinson's (PwP), Anders M. Leines, in cooperation with The Norwegian Parkinson Society, the Norwegian Directorate of Health, and the World Parkinson Coalition. The traveling exhibition has moved audiences with its compelling portraits, real-life stories, and critical approach towards the general status quo image of the person with Parkinson's disease.

In medical textbooks, as well as in the media, people with PD are traditionally depicted as tiptoeing, shaking and stooping seniors with whispering voices and a staring glare, leaving the impression of an apathetic or asocial person who lacks empathy and is uninterested in taking part in normal social interplay. This image is of no help to the patient as it fosters prejudice.

"This is Parkinson's”, with its highly emotive and personal images, showcases proud young individuals living with PD. The images capture with stunning simplicity their emotions and abilities, including self-respect and humor. They are young, they have dreams, and they want action." 

Be sure to take time to visit this traveling exhibition which has moved audiences with its compelling portraits, real-life stories, and critical approach towards the general status quo image of the person with Parkinson's disease.

"I hope to give courage to the patients and their families, and to influence the priorities of politicians, scientists and the medial community," say Leines.


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Forging Resilience 
by Carolyn Montgomery-Maier (left) and Hadley Ferguson (right) (Montana, USA)
Learn more at: www.forgingresilience.org 
Read more about the artists here.

The Forging Resilience Art Installation brings together thousands of journeys of resilience from the global Parkinson's community.  The installation features a 9-foot metal tree, which is lit from within and holds thousands of copper and paper leaves. Each leaf shares a quote or message from someone in our world living with or impacted by Parkinson’s.  By sharing their stories and quotes, contributors to the project inspire, connect and help to build our tree of resilience.  In combination with our tree sculpture, we are also featuring environmental portraits with personal stories of resilience.  

The first international exhibition of this installation will occur at the 4th World Parkinson Congress in September, 2016, in Portland, Oregon. 

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The Parkinson's Quilt
from Parkinson's Foundation, PDF Division (USA)
Learn more at http://www.pdf.org/en/quilt


The Parkinson's Quilt Project is the first global quilt project to focus the world's attention on the nearly one million people in the US and seven to 10 million people worldwide living with Parkinson's.  The project aims to raise awareness of the impact that the disease has on people living with Parkinson’s – along with their families, caregivers and friends – and on our continued urgency to find a cure.

Over the past year, more than 600 people created quilt panels, each of which measures 2’ by 2’.  Panels include photos, illustrations and items that express each quilter’s experience with PD.  The quilt was displayed in its entirety for the first time at the 2nd World Parkinson Congress in September 2010 in Glasgow, Scotland and shown again at the 3rd World Parkinson Congress in 2013 in Montreal, Canada. 

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