WPC 2016 Committees

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Co-Chair: Serge Przedborski, MD, PhD
Co-Chair: A. Jon Stoessl, CM, MD, FRCPC

Members of the Steering Committee are to help steer the WPC decisions that inform the other committees including direction of the program, overall logistics of the conference, selection of opening ceremony speakers, guidance on increasing ways to reach the community and include the community, direction on securing new monies and overall support and so on.

Co-Chair: John G. Nutt, MD
Co-Chair: Matthew Brodsky, MD

The Local Organizing Committee (LoC) serves as the link between the outside world and the local Parkinson’s community including all local PD constituencies: people with Parkinson’s, care partners, neuroscientists, rehab specialists, nurses, clinicians and others. The LoC also acts as the link between the PD community locally, the WPC community globally, and the local businesses and community to help raise awareness about the WPC, garner support, both moral and financial when possible and to help build a better understanding of Parkinson’s.

The LoC is composed of individuals living locally who are interested in participating in the WPC for personally or professional reasons and who have a vision on how to help leave their home city or region better off after the WPC than it was before the WPC with regards to how well Parkinson’s is understood and how people living with PD are treated.

Co-Chair: Elizabeth "Eli" Pollard
Co-Chair: Andrea Cohen

Chair: Marie-Francoise Chesselet, MD, PhD
Co-Chair: Peter LeWitt, MD
Co-Chair: Peter Fletcher, MSc, FRCP

Members of the Program Committee are tasked to help create the full program for the WPC, including sessions that speak to the diverse delegates. Members partake in phone and in person meetings throughout the yearlong planning process. Once a program is set and speakers are invited, Program Committee members are tasked to liaise with various Moderators/ Session speakers to ensure they are on task. Members are also tasked to review and grade all abstracts during the selection and grading process.

Co- chair: Raj Pahwa, MD
Co-chair: Mark Stacy, MD

The Fundraising Committee was created to identify possible sponsors and funders of the upcoming World Parkinson Congress and to encourage these potential sponsors to come on board.  As such, this committee will help create a strategic plan that will inform and advise on companies to approach; monitor the responses and determine follow-up steps for committee members or WPC staff.

Co-chair: Alice Templin, BSc
Co-chair: Jean Burns

The Advocates for Parkinson’s Committee (APC) is composed of individuals living with Parkinson’s or caring for someone with Parkinson’s from a variety of countries and organizations. These committee members have considerable experience and insight into the role of people with Parkinson’s in the wider scientific community and will be able to use this expertise to develop a culture of true integration between science and society at WPC 2016. Their role will be to consolidate and improve still further this important WPC ethos.

In addition, the APC will be responsible for advising on matters, which are specific to people with Parkinson’s, which ensure that the overall experience for those attending the WPC is a good one and that the interface with the scientific and healthcare communities is a constructive one. This advice could range from simple accessibility issues to assisting other committees, which may require a person with Parkinson’s perception on any given issue. By pooling their experience to help advise on the structure and outputs of the Congress, they will ensure the interests and needs of people living with Parkinson’s are considered in all decisions.

Co-chair: Steve Ford
Co-chair: Maria Barretto

The Organizations Committee work to inform and engage the broad community of patient advocacy organizations, professional associations, and governmental agencies from around the world. The committee is charged with the following tasks:

- Design and host an invitational Leadership Forum to take place prior to the Congress;
- Design and host an on-line Parkinson’s Leadership Network (PLN), a global network of CEOs and executive directors of the WPC Organizational Partners. The main purpose of PLN will be to stage periodic teleconferences and web-based conversations on topics pertinent to the needs and concerns and interests of the participants, and to build a strategic alliance between stakeholders of the Parkinson’s community around the globe. The topics covered in these sessions will be selected by the community and will help steer the planning of the Leadership Forum;
Identify and connect with potential new organizational partners and strategic alliances to increase the importance, value and strength of the triennial WPCs.

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